Rock That Boat Amsterdam
Cruising the Amsterdam canals in authentic canal boats is a magical experience....
We believe that catering on board needs to be gastronomic, stylish but simple.
Comments from our clients during the Amsterdam Light Festival
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Custom made canal boat cruises Amsterdam

Rock That Boat is a full service Boat Events company. It’s our passion to provide you with a unique experience on the Amsterdam canals.

Based in the center of Amsterdam, we offer an extensive network of canal boats, skippers and catering services to best suit your needs. Our boat hire is committed to renewable energy boats, solar and electric canal boats, to save the city's environment.
We can provide a wide range of events for you like staff parties, corporate events, stag parties and boat lunches all the way up to classic seated dinners. We love to hear from you how we can organize that truly memorable event for you on the beautiful canals of Amsterdam.  

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