Private Boat Amsterdam Breakfast tour

Breakfast Canal Boat Tour

Wake up in the city and have a breakfast tour on our historic boat Delphine. 

Get out before hectic city life. Enjoy the calm, the Amstel river. A different Amsterdam seen from a small private boat. Every season a different face. Lounge with family. Celebrate your birthday or just wake up with friends.

We serve coffee, juice, croissants, Dutch breads with different Dutch cheeses and other typical Dutch breakfast goodies like pindakaas and hagelslag.

Sit back, relax. That is, the Breakfast Tour of Rock That Boat. The water is waiting. The private boat is ready at the Rijksmuseum dock in the middle of most hotels and B&B's.

Call, or mail, for your Host. It starts here.

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For reservations and questions:


+31 654398022