amsterdam light festival private boat tour

Amsterdam Light Festival Boat Tour

The 7th edition of the Amsterdam Light festival: from November 29, 2018 until January 20, 2019, the city of Amsterdam will be illuminated by the artists of the Amsterdam Light Festival.

What we offer? A 75-minute Water Colors art route. In a private, stylish and covered canal boat.

Curious? Complete the application form. Call us and let yourself be inspired.

Our private boat options:

HIGH END private canal boat for 12 persons

OPEN private canal boat for 15 persons 

BIG CANAL BOAT for 30 persons or more 

We are only cruising with classic canal boats which are beautifully illuminated, heated and decorated! During the boat trip we offer mulled wine or non-alcoholic drinks!

Our private boat departures schedule:

Shift 1: 17.00 hrs

Shift 2: 18.30 hrs

Shift 3: 20.15 hrs

Shift 4: 21.45 hrs


copyrights foto: DP architects - Janus van den Eijnden



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